Since 2009 jung diagnostics GmbH has been supporting the care of patients with the help of AI-supported analyses of radiological data.

The main focus of expertise and market experience is in the field of neuroradiology: Our analyses help radiologists and neuroradiologists to detect and differentiate Alzheimer's and other dementing diseases earlier, as well as to find the optimal therapy for multiple sclerosis patients. To this end, we offer our customers not only access to innovative AI solutions for prevention and diagnostics, but also provide practical solutions in form of structured and quality-assured radiological report proposals.

The AI-integrated structured radiological report proposals standardize the quality of the radiological assessment at a high level, can be efficiently and seamlessly integrated into the radiological workflow and thus accelerate the diagnostic process.

Not only in the field of clinical research, but also for patient care, we work together with radiological reference centres that have undergone a certification process that guarantees scanner and image quality necessary for AI-supported image analysis.

In close cooperation with university centers, we are continuously researching and developing new, innovative biomarkers that, after successful validation and certification as a medical device, can be used both in clinical research as well as for patient care. We publish the results of the validation studies in high-profile scientific journals.